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GTAC download experience

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I'm just curious if anyone else has major download issues trying to download from the GTAC servers. I have been trying for DAYS to successfully download various version of Solid Edge for testing. I've tried from home, from work, from a VM in the cloud, with different browsers, with different download managers. All with consistent download failures. It fails at different download % complete. Even at 98%... I'm trying to be constructive but it has been a very frustrating experience.


Here is an example error message that I commonly see. "download was interrupted".



I consider myself a fairly saavy Internet user but my gut feeling is that it shouldn't be this difficult to get a 2GB download in 2014. I do it all the time from other services and hardly ever have this kind of trouble. I smells and feels like a backend architecture issue. I'm a long time "Edger" and am generally very patient with these kind of things but I can only imagine what new users must be thinking just trying to download the software they paid for.


If I'm doing something wrong then I can accept that but seriously, it shouldn't be this hard to download. My hopes in saying anything is that if there truely is a problem, that it can be resolved and other can benefit. If you've had trouble downloading, please reply and let Siemens know so that it's not just me saying it.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: GTAC download experience

There's already a topic about this issue.

If I remember good Siemens sugested to use firefox with down them all.

I downloaded ST7 without problems with vanilla Opera.

I had te click a few times on 'resume', but that's all.

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Re: GTAC download experience

Hi Jason,

this is exactly the same I have seen in the last couple of weeks for myself and also on several customer sites.


We tried to download STx - as You said using all 3 main types of browsers with or without download managers, from different internet point on different bandwith.

That all made no difference for the results.


For me it took at least 5 attempts to get the ST7, finally it was a 9 hours download which is not conform to the actual internet usage at all.


I am thiniking on the good "old days" when using a simple FTP download which was done in a couple of minutes or to be honest within half  an hour.


This has in my opinion to do with html which - as it was told to me years ago - is not the appropriate protocol for large file transmissions.


May be, I am not the IT specialist, but as we all are going to use the net more and more, it should be solved for Solid Edge and from GTAC in a right way.






Re: GTAC download experience

I used the Chrono download manager and it took me 3 tries to download ST7.  I had one failure at 78%, and one at 96%.  The third time it downloaded fully.  Each try was over 2 hours so the time does add up.  Second, becuase of the compressed files etc., I had trouble getting SEadmin so I could update my options.xml file and had to resort to asking another user to post it on the forum.



Kyle Joiner

Re: GTAC download experience

The DVD came via FedEx before I could get a successful download.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: GTAC download experience

FireFox and DownThemAll is the combo I found reliable without getting you banned.


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Re: GTAC download experience

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Gave up on most of the beta test releases because I could not get a successful download, from multiple physical locations, multiple computers, multiple browsers, and multiple download managers. It took me nearly a week of trying on and off to get an ST7 release download that was not corrupt.


There are many, many threads about this, and I too think it is ridiculous that in 2014 users have to jump through hoops and spend DAYS to get the product downloaded. This is the only company I know of that cannot get a 2GB download right without first downloading XXXMB of download manager and alternate browsers! It's not like there are problems with those downloads, either! 


Think of all the problems we as current users are having with the download, and then go browse some of the threads in the Student Edition Forum. Do you think those kids are going to spend half a week trying to get a successful download, when they don't have these problems ANYWHERE else? It's an extremely poor first impression, and I feel bad for suggesting this to friends in college only to have them come back to me and tell me they bounced their head off a wall for a night and then abandoned it.



-Dylan Gondyke
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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: GTAC download experience

I am responsible for the PL Download Server configuration and process for downloads for ‘current’ maintenance paying customers.


Working closely with our Networks and IT teams, Siemens PLM has made a significant investment in the latest download technology in order to improve the download experience.


We hope to go live in approximately two weeks with a new Product Download option. We have a couple more configuration issues to resolve and will then offer the new method as a BETA option. The default will be today’s download method and customers will be invited to try the new option.


Customers will see the following if they mouse over the BETA option:


Select here to try our new Product Download option! This option uses the latest download technology and optimized distribution channels to provide an improved download experience.


Our tests have shown improved download speed and completion rates using our new technology. We will of course be very interested in user reaction to the new method and hope that after a brief beta period we will make this the default option.


Please let me know if I can provide any additional input.


Phyllis Ostrin

Manager, GTAC Support Tools Group

Product Driven Services

Cypress, CA

tel. 1 714 952 5473

Re: GTAC download experience



Thank you very much for the update and bravo to Siemens for listening and taking action.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: GTAC download experience

Great news, and thank you for the update Phyllis!

-Dylan Gondyke