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GUI bug in ST6? [solved]

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ST6 starts with 'Open Existing Document'. (We use 32-bit on Win7. I can't find which type of license; some kind of educational license I think.)

If I click 'ISO Part', then I see the program with toolbars etc.

However, on most computers, no X-Y-Z view appears. Instead, a see-through window appears; so, for example, if you go to Microsoft Word and the switch back to ST6, Word stays in view at the place where the 'work-window' should show the X-Y-Z axis etc.

Also, if I click 'Sensors' or 'Help' or 'Youtube', then, the X in the upper right corner doesn NOT close these items. That is, you can still see them

There's something wrong with the 'work-window'.


Anyone know the solution?

Added a screenshot, where you can see Microosoft Excel through ST6. Very strange. Looks like a bug to me?ST6 GÜI problemST6 GÜI problem


Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

Hi @johndoe



never seen but it sounds more like a graphic card issue?



Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

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Well, there's at least one PC which does not have the problem. Same type of PC, so I don't think it's a driver problem.

(It is installed on a number of computers; 'pushed' by a network administrator. So, each computer has the same ST6 software push. All the same type of Dell's.)

Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

I would suggest GFX driver/card issue as well. Only other thing I can think of would be a corrupt SE profile?

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Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

Just because the computers are all the same type of Dells does not mean that each computer has the same drivers installed.  If all the computers were truly the same then either all would have this problem or none would have the problem.  Yet you clearly state that even though all are the same type of Dells one is not having the problem.  So then the computers are not all the same, and there must be something difference between the working one and the non-working ones.  What is that difference?


This sounds very much like a graphics driver problem.  You should investigate the graphics drivers AND graphics settings on the working system and compare that to the non-working systems.  You should also go download and install the latest graphics driver anyway and retest.


Additionally, you can go into Solid Edge Options -> View and uncheck "Automatic selection".  Then in the dropdown list select the lowest setting possible, apply the changes and then restart Solid Edge.  Keep increasing this setting until the issue reappears then set it back to the previous working level.

Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

HI @johndoe



as mentioned by @Guy_H77 a change of the user also can clarify wether or not this is a setup/option problem.


What I normally do in such a case is, that I rename the registry entry for the Current_User in the Solid Edge branch of the reg.


Start SE again and see what happens.

If it is OK then, it is a missmatch in settings

If not, then I would recommend to further optimize the graphics card driver and settings.



Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

I'm sorry; I can't find the button 'Automatic selection' under View.

(Yes, I'm a beginner in SolidEdge Smiley Wink.)

See the buttons available in this screenshot:


Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

You are in the wrong location!  Select the Application button (round button in the top left-hand corner) -> Settings -> Options -> View -> Application Display

Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

Thank you! And the others too!


The button 'Solid Edge Options' is rather unconspicious (and not positioned alike as within other programs), but I found it.  After I've set the setting to 'Graphics card driven (Basic)' it works!


I think Siemens could (should?) maybe add some kind of test to see if 'Automatic selection' really works, and offer another option if it detects it can't show the 'work-screen'.

Betreff: GUI bugs in ST6

How can I find the similar setting in ST9?


My video card is ATI R series(low-end graphics) that is not in the list of AutoConfigure.txt , ST9  crashed many times during working,it's really upset...