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how to complete the table properly?

what is the meaning of each field on the gagetable?


Re: Gagetable

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

This is not defined in help. I remember finding the documentation somewhere. I think in the insight help

*100 starts the entry

*500 ends the entry

Gage is what displays when you select and display it

Thickness is the thickness of the material

Radius is inside bend radius

Relief depth and width are the size of cutouts/reliefs when a bend starts interior to a tab or flange.


And the fun part, the angles and radius

Each angle can use a different K. K=0.33 good enough most of the time

Some use K=0.29 past 165 deg for hems.

Some use K=0.5 below a 5 deg bend.


I reduced mine to a single column and set all the radius to 0.33


Attached is what I'm using.


The inside radius in reality is a function of the machine and length of bend at a specific bending force. That you have to find for your machines for every length of bend and material, then decide how many entries you want in the table.