General Q&A Usage Tips

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Esteemed Contributor

When viewing comments on a Question, the comments can easily spill over to a new page and it is very easy to miss the light gray hyperling to 'View more comments'.


When posing a question about some specific modeling problem you have, please include a picture or video of your entire Solid Edge application window.  Often the clues to what is wrong are indicated by the environment/command you are in.


Use Comments only to better understand the question, use the Answer button for the actual answer.  Be aware that both the Question and the Answer can be edited by the authors, so use Edit to add/change information as it is better understood to form a better question and a better answer.  These will be maintained as kind of a knowlege base for others asking similar questions.


If someone adequately answers a question you posted, Accept the answer to let others know that it was right.


Kudos are appreciated as well for good answers.




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