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Get behind ER 8867165 Frame to Draft Improvements


Hi All,


Siemens have now accepted the IR and have elevated it to an ER. I call on all those that use Frame or feel that having it improved would encourage them back to Frame to put in a call to your VAR and add your name to ER 8867165.


This is for me is the only software manufacturer that actively listens to their community, that alone sets it far above any other. My hat goes off to Siemens for that. This however puts an onus on the community to actively debate and get behind potential improvements.


Frame is a fantastic tool and if it is improved by allowing the transition of part numbers and titles to the drafting environment as well as allowing better selection of individual parts in the draft environment, it will become a very powerful, useful and usable tool.


To encourage people to get into Frame I have added a zip file that contains a selection of metric frame components based in AS/NZ 3679-300 standard. For all those in foreign countries I have a comparison chart here. I have highlighted the appropriate section. The cost of using these files is a call to your VAR to add your name to ER 8867165. (Yes bribery)




As they are all simple part files, they can easily be changed to suit your specific needs (converting to the old imperial system for example) As far as I am aware all the pipe sizes in metric are just imperial sizes with a new name.


These files are all offered as is and you take all and full responsibility in using them.


Equal Angle Iron
EA 25x03, EA 30X03, EA 30x05, EA 40x03, EA 40x05, EA 45x03, EA 45x05, EA 50x03, EA 50x05, EA 50x08, EA 65x06, EA 65x08, EA 65x10, EA 75x06, EA 75x08, EA 75x10, EA 80x06, EA 90x06, EA 90x08, EA 90x10, EA 100x06, EA 100x08, EA 100x10, EA 100x12, EA 125x08, EA 125x10, EA 125x12, EA 125x16, EA 150x10, EA 150x12, EA 150x16, EA 150x19, EA 200x13, EA 200x16, EA 200x18, EA 200x20, EA 200x26

Unequal Angle Iron
UA 65x50x05, UA 65x50x06, UA 75x50x05, UA 75x50x06, UA 100x75x06, UA 100x75x08, UA 100x75x10, UA 125x75x06, UA 125x75x08, UA 125x75x10, UA 125x75x12, UA 150x90x08, UA 150x90x10, UA 150x90x12, UA 150x90x12, UA 150x90x16, UA 150x100x10, UA 150x100x12

Square Hollow Section
SHS 25x02.5, SHS 25x03, SHS 30x02, SHS 30x03, SHS 35x02, SHS 35x03, SHS 40x02, SHS 40x03, SHS , 0x04, SHS 50x02, SHS 50x03, SHS 50x04, SHS 50x05, SHS 65x03, SHS 65x04, SHS 65x05, SHS 65x06, SHS 75x03, SHS 75x04, SHS 75x05, SHS 75x06, SHS 100x03, SHS 100x04, SHS 100x05, SHS 100x06, SHS 100x09, SHS 125x04, SHS 125x05, SHS 125x06, SHS 125x08, SHS 125x09, SHS 150x05, SHS 150x06, SHS 150x09, SHS 200x06, SHS 200x09, SHS 250x06, SHS 250x09

Rectangular Hollow Section
RHS 50x25x03, RHS 75x25x02.5, RHS 75x40x03, RHS 75x50x02, RHS 75x50x03, RHS 75x50x05, RHS 100x50x03, RHS 100x50x04, RHS 100x50x05, RHS 100x50x06, RHS 102x76x06, RHS 125x75x03, RHS 125x75x04, RHS 125x75x05, RHS 125x75x06, RHS 150x50x04, RHS 150x50x05, RHS 200x100x04, RHS 200x100x05, RHS 200x100x06, RHS 200x100x09


Parallel Flange Channel
PFC 75x40, PFC 100x50, PFC 150x75, PFC180x75, PFC 200x75, PFC 230x75, PFC 250x90, PFC 300x90,
PFC 380x100


Universal Beam
UB 150-14, UB 150-18, UB 180-16, UB180-18, UB 180-22, UB 200-18, UB 200-25, UB 200-30, UB 250-26,
UB 250-31, UB 250-37, UB 310-32, UB 310-40, UB 310-46, UB 360-45, UB 360-51, UB 360-57, UB 410-54
UB 410-60, UB 460-60, UB 460-67, UB 460-74


Universal Columns
UC 100-15, UC 150-23, UC 150-30, UC 150-37, UC 200-46, UC 200-52, UC 200-60, UC 250-73, UC 250-89,
UC 310-97, UC 310-137, UC 310-158



NB15-10S, NB15-40S, NB20-10S


NB15 = 1/2" Nominal Bore Pipe

NB20 = 3/4" Nominal Bore Pipe

The 10S is schedual 10 and S40 is schedual 40 pipe. Sorry there are not many pipe sizes, if there is any interest I can create a full range.


Enjoy and please get behind ER8897165


Re: Get behind ER 8867165 Frame to Draft Improvements

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

We use frame for different materials also, so our frame library has further identifiers in the naming string, for Mild Steel [MS], Stainless Steel [SS], Aluminium [AL] & Wood [WD] a lot of the time, these all have the same section sizes.

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
Solid Edge 2019 [MP3] Classic [x3 Seats - Cloud Enabled]
Windows 10 - Quadro P2000

Re: Get behind ER 8867165 Frame to Draft Improvements


Hi @SeanCresswell yes so do I. I have around 20 frame components in stainless steel, SS304 and SS316. I also have Aluninium and EWR components. No wood yet Smiley Happy


I have only included Mild Steel in the zip file. 

Re: Get behind ER 8867165 Frame to Draft Improvements


In my post I mentioned that Siemens listens to its customer. This morning I received an email that shows the extent to which they do listen to their community. It simply blows me away.


 I know that there would have been others that would have also reported this issue, but it is only through everyone coming together to let Siemens know the issues that these changes are made. The huge difference with Siemens is that they listen.


So as a community lets make Solid Edge Frame one step better. We know that Siemens listens, its up to us to make sufficient noise to let them know.




Re: Get behind ER 8867165 Frame to Draft Improvements

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Yes it is.
By including a small feature that users do not need to change large ones
We expect efficiency improvement.

Example: AutoCAD Sketch Direct Paste
Freedom to change synchronous sheet thickness
The sheet metal multi-flange already supported by solid works ..


These features are smaller than TeamCenter.
By improving these areas, we can do more convenient work.

Re: Get behind ER 8867165 Frame to Draft Improvements


@Hclee wrote:

Yes it is.
By including a small feature that users do not need to change large ones

In this case the small change correction to the code made a huge difference to the work I was doing. I agree that most people probably would never need to have the pitch of a curve accurate to any more than one decimal place. No doubt they already had many other people who also placed an ER for that issue. Maybe the one I placed was enough to push the problem to the top of the list: who knows. The fact is, they listened and it is being fixed.


I agree with you whole-heartedly, there is a long way to go to improve the package. There are many many issues that could improve the usability of the software. You only need to look at Call-for-Pet-Peeves-2

to see the massive list of features and changes that people would like to see in the software.


There are

193 Replies



At the end of the day, it is those with the most influence that will steer the direction of what is changed, enhanced and added to the software. As individual users we have little say, as a group however we have a lot more influence.


Although I have not gone through all 193 replies in the "Call for pet peeves 2.0" post I would hazard a guess that most are unique. If those 192 people all focused on one issue I would dear say that Siemens would sit up and listen. If all 9144 viewers got behind one issue then you would definitely see a change.


This post to date has only seen

4 Replies



From that, I would guess that there is not enough interest in this to make Siemens take any notice. It will no doubt sit with the other hundreds if not thousands of ERs that have been generated until the day it falls off the end of the ER conveyor belt.


As for:-

>> Freedom to change synchronous sheet thickness

    This already exists, from the material Properties you can select Gage Properties and change the thickness.




>> The sheet metal multi-flange already supported by solid works ..

  This is supported in synchronous, select the faces you want to place the flange and pull the flange out.Though not in Ordered for which I take you are inferring.


To conclude: Those with influence will continue to push this product forward, the direction to which it goes may not benifit all.

Re: Get behind ER 8867165 Frame to Draft Improvements

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi- Neil_H

Did you test various situations? ..

The synchronous sheet thickness change problem is only possible with external thickness.
The internal thickness still does not work.
I use the inside more than the outside.

In case of multi-flange, it is applied at the same time when it is taken out.
However, it does not work if it is inside. Simultaneously apply 4 sides
Solid works very well inside or outside.

Re: Get behind ER 8867165 Frame to Draft Improvements


Thanks @Hclee,


I had a play and although I could change the sheet thickness in synchronous no mater if the thickness was applied inside or outside, I could not apply multiple flanges internally. 


So my apoligies. You are quite right.