Getting Fast Search Client to Recognize Index?

How do I get Fast Search to work?


I installed the Fast Search Utility onto the server.

I created the Index on the top-level folder containing all Solid Edge files.

I setup the Client options to "working with others on a shared network drive."


Yet, when I perform a Where-Used search in Design Manager, I get the warning that the drive hasn't been indexed.  There is a greyed-out Yes/No option, so all I can do is X out of that dialog.

The Where-Used then continues with the old, slow, scanning method.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Betreff: Getting Fast Search Client to Recognize Index?

hi @swertel



OK, You have installed the server part for Solid Edge Fast Search with Windows indexing.


But have You defined all the properties You want to have there for searching?

If You do a look into the file server structure via explorer can You see how the indexing has done?


If You open a directory, can You add additional columns (proeprties) with title, SE-status Documnet Number, and so on?



Take a look into a wonderful article by Michel RvD


This shows You a step by step check list wether the fast search is working or not.


But - as there always is a but - I have seen that search and more important find results not always are 100%

Especially if searching for numbers with trailing zeros the results are a not correctly.


But maybe this has to do with differnet languages for operating system and Solid Edge

and/or it might be a Win 10 issue too.





Betreff: Getting Fast Search Client to Recognize Index?

Thanks for the link to that article.  I'm having my IT guy review it and see if there is anything suspicious on the server that we didn't notice when we installed the utility.


I do have an IR open with GTAC on this as well.  Attacking the problem from 2 directions.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Betreff: Getting Fast Search Client to Recognize Index?

I just happened on to this document from the GTAC solution database.

"Setting up Fast Text Indexing on a server"


Betreff: Getting Fast Search Client to Recognize Index?

@swertel how are you mapping to the server share?  I have found that using a mapped drive letter does not work and you must instead use a "Add a network location" to get it to work.



Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Betreff: Getting Fast Search Client to Recognize Index?

Just today, as a matter of fact, I played around with connecting to the network share by different methods and came to the same conclusion.


When mapped as a network drive, no fast search.

When browsed directly to the network share, fast search is available.


Here's the third kicker, we use DFS (dynamic file system) so our server hardware can change without changing the network location.  When browsed to the file share through the DFS, no fast search there either.


Now IT and I have to discuss the future of our network infrastructure to see what we want to do in order to actually take advantage of the BiDM with Solid Edge.  I also need to update my Options.xml file and many other file locations to point directly at the fileshare and not the mapped drive or DFS.  Oh, I hope there's not going to be a mass of broken links.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.