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Getting new license


Every year are so I have to get a new license To do so I have to uninstall all my
Solid edge and down load a new version. Their is suppose to be some way to just
get a new license but I don`t seam to know what to do with the zip file are how
to install it.Can I get some instructions on what to do .


Re: Getting new license

On the free2D web site you will register for the license update.
This will take you to a web page with links to download the different
languages of the latest version.
There is also a link to get the license update. It was at the bottom of the
web page.
I had them to put the license link at the top of the page.
The license will be in a ZIP file along with a text file explaining how to
apply the license update.
Here is the link to the web page.
Rick B.