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Glue Connectors not 'gluing'




I am relatively new to using SolidEdge / CAD packages.


I have a question regarding the glue connectors used in the SolidEdge student edition.


Essentially I have a cylindrical-like solid between two posts and I want to apply a strain to this cylinder by displacing one of the posts whilst one of the posts remains fixed.


I have defined the left hand post to be fixed and the right hand one to move 1.5mm along the x axis as so:





I have then connected both posts (one at a time) to the cylinder by simply using the auto connector glue tool and selecting the post followed by the tendon:




When I look to run the simulation e.g. solve, everything seems to work well apart from the cylinder pulling away from the post at either side. See below - a gap forming between the post and the cylinder (picture shows this particularly on the right hand side but this is also happening on left hand side)




How am I able to create a 'secure' tight connection between both the post and the cylinder which does not move apart if the glue option is not doing this?












Re: Glue Connectors not 'gluing'

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Is there a gap between the respective mating faces that you want glued together?  Are all there parts solids or surface bodies?