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I have a big graphic problem.St8

I run windows 10, and have the latest nvidia graphics driver installed.

I have a quadro K2100m graphic card in my Dell Precision m4800.

I looks like it runs out of pixels.. i have attaches a screenshot.

Any help please?


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this seems to have nothing to do with Win 10 since we have found this here under Win 7 too.


There is a call PR 7574513  covring about this issue.


The problem cam up with MP2 of ST8 and occurs on better graphic cards as it seems to be the same in Your case (K2100M)


The problem is connected to the cueing of selected geometry.

So if You turn off that within the options then thsi helps for the moment.


Hope, that the next MPs will fix it.



Betreff: Graphics Problem

This is a known issue and is *not* a Solid Edge issue but is strictly an NVidia driver issue. We have been in contact with NVidia in regards to this.


In the meantime, the workaround is to downgrade your NVidia driver to version 341.92 and below.

The older NVidia driver can be downloaded from here:


I can reproduce this issue on demand on my laptop with the latest NVidia drivers. As soon as I downgrade to the version indicated above, the issue then goes away.

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I had the same problem, but with ST8, Windows 7 on a Dell T7500 & Quadro M5000 card, it was cured using driver version 348.17


Betreff: Graphics Problem

I'm having this same issue on my setup (HP Zbook, Windows 10, NVIDIA M3000M). The oldest driver I've been able to find for my setup is 354.56.  Has there been any new info on this issue?


Someone mentioned turning off the queueing of selected geometry.  I haven't been able to find this in the options.

Betreff: Graphics Problem


You will find that setting within the options dialog - view - on the upper right side


There is a slider which should be set to the left (0)


This helped me with the same issue and made it better.


The problem isn't solved but it is turned off!


Betreff: Graphics Problem

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FYI, NVidia have released updated driver version 362.56 that should contain a fix for this issue:


Win8 and Win7


Win 10


Betreff: Graphics Problem

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I am getting this error when installing the driver even when running it with full admin rights:




Any clues?


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@Tushar Try (temporarily) disabling anti-virus?  Sometimes ours causes problems with installers as it grabs temporary files that the installer creates to scan them, which then trips up the install process.


Other than that, not sure!

Betreff: Graphics Problem

That was it !

Thanks a lot @Alex_H for the hint.

I could get the driver installer to complete by disabling the anti-virus.