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Grinding allowances on models


Hi!  ST10 user on Windows 7 Professional.


I am having plates machined and then finish ground after heat treatment.  At the moment, I am modelling them up at the finished size, and then on the draft file I am drawing in the grinding allowance on "Draw in view". Also, the finished part (no allowance) is saved as a Step file and used for machining.


Now, there are a few bits that need to be machined prior to heat treatment, such as some holes for countersunk screws, and some chamfers. But as these are on faces that are being ground, the reality is that the holes would have to be made deeper, and the chamfers made larger so that after grinding they would be at the correct size.  In other words, the step file I have created isn't quite what will be machined.


Is it possible to (a) have a simple way of adding material on faces so I can create a more useful step file? and (b) have the drawing show both models (before and after grinding) without having to use Draw in View?


Many thanks in advance!


Betreff: Grinding allowances on models

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @SJB72 



my advice according to our own procedure would be, to first model the part geometry before grinding, save it and use that for a part copy of the finished part.

There You will add those cut features representing the grinding informations.


What I often do here, is to copy the raw material color and texture while those grinding features will recieve the new color (often I use chrome to show them shiny and bright).


So You will have two associative parts, the raw part and the finished one.


Betreff: Grinding allowances on models


Is it possible to call up both parts in the same drawing?  I've not been able to do that before.  I think the Move Faces command is what I need to use, so I'm thinking of something like this, taking into consideration your suggestion (which was much appreciate, btw Smiley Happy):


1) Model the finished part

2) Use "Move Faces" to add the grinding allowance

3) Save that part as the pre-grinding part

4) Part copy the pre-grinding part into a new part

5) Use Cut to remove the ground faces

6) Save part as post-grinding part

7) Generate drawing calling in both parts (somehow...?)

Betreff: Grinding allowances on models

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @SJB72,


I would be inclined to model it as @hawcad says, which is how I would do this also.


Model the exactly finished part, and in a NEW file, use "Insert Part Copy" to save with same name/number, but append the identifier for your "pre-machining" version. Then make your modifications to suit [move face, etc]......that way, if you change the "as designed" part, the linked copy will also update with those changes. This work flow is on possible using Ordered mode. [Synchronous currently doesn't support this linked part copies]


You can of course, have as many different models in your draft file as you want.....just repeat the process and browse to the other file.

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Betreff: Grinding allowances on models

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I might just add that you can run the Insert part Copy more than once.

The second time you can make it a construction body so then you will have two bodies in your file.

One body is the manufacturing stage and the other is always the finish part.

Then in Drafting you can use the display properties to show the finished part as a reference.

So you will see both the manufacturing stage object lines and the finished part object lines in the same view.