Groove welds intersecting issue.


Anyone have any idea how I can make this weld work out to what one would expect?


Yes welds are required and the bevels are required.



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Re: Groove welds intersecting issue.

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Hi there @nanan00,


Can you not model the required full weld volume and then assign it as a weld afterwards?



See this ST6 video from @Imics....


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Re: Groove welds intersecting issue.


If it was just one corner I would do that but it is in about 10 places.


The stuff we build has hundreds to thousands of feet of weld and I need to be able to show details of tricky areas.


I have also run into problems with the fillet welds working fine in 3 places but not the 4th on mirror placed patterns of parts...


Does anyone know how to set the fillet weld option to a default weld? I want equal setbacks with a .375 base thickness and it keeps resetting to bisector of .25...

Re: Groove welds intersecting issue.


Pic one, a fillet weld wrapped around the intersection of a flange and a rib, works as intended.


Pic two, mirror side of part, copy of original flange and rib with exact same relationships etc. Can not get the weld to wrap completely.


Pic three, if the back side of the flange and rib are left out the weld completes. A second weld was tried to get the backside of the flange and rib. Was unable to include any other faces in any combination to make the wraparound at least look halfway not like crap.