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Harness Wizard Occurrence


I was wondering if anyone has worked with the harness module and has found a way to show information from the net list to display in an annotation (PMI) in the model. 


I have set the occurence for each connector and I am able to show the component name for the connector using the property text %CN. But the other variables, in the component net file, I have not found a way to show, nor do I know the code for these items. The items are Unique ID and Component Description. 


I have tried the description and name property text but these do not display the desired information. What I would like to be shown in the model via a PMI note is the Unique ID, Compenent Name, and Component Description. Does there exist a code/property text for the Unique ID and/or Component Description?


Basically, I would want the connector in the picture to show:





Bulkead Connection


I could manually type this in but if there is text that will automaticallly populate this information, that would be great.