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Harness and 3d Sketches


I have a wire that wraps around some rollers, and other things that don't give me convenient cylinders for wire path creation.  I put together a nice 3d sketch that defines the route, and I can sweep a profile to model the wire the hard way, but I'm wondering: why can't I use the 3d sketch as a path in Harness?  Or am I missing something?  Harness won't allow me to select the 3d sketch for a wire path.

Lab Machinist Solutions, LLC
Waltham, MA, USA

Re: Harness and 3d Sketches


I just took a look into this and I see what you are saying, you cannot select a 3d sketch to be a path. What you could do though is take the path tool and go back over your 3d sketch, locking on to endpoints. This may not be exactly what you are looking for but this should get you a work around for what you are needing. Hope this helps.