Has anyone hacked Settings and Preferences Wizard?

We deployed ST9 and Teamcenter 11 this week to our 40+ users (not too bad thanks to help from Majenta, our reseller).


We have a number of preferences, settings and customisation files to set on all the machines and I tried to use the settings and preferences wizard to copy my machine and then import to others. Unfortunatly it didn't work as a lot of the registry keys refer to paths on my computer that are not appropriate to other machines e.g. C:\User\[myusername]\...


Anyway, I worked out that the .sepref file is just a RAR file in disguise with sub folders and a .reg file, so I edited this to only have the settings and files that I was interesed in didn't work.


I'm pretty sure I had the format/file structure exactly the same so I'm not sure where it went wrong.


It's a long shot, but has anyone sucessfully tried modifying the .sepref?


Re: Has anyone hacked Settings and Preferences Wizard?

Are you running MP1 on all of your machines?  There were issues with the S&PW in the RTM version.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Has anyone hacked Settings and Preferences Wizard?

Yea we are, maybe there's still issues in MP1. We've notices a few 'quirks' in the software so far.

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