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Helical Curve Inacurate?

Hi All,


Can someone please explain why the Helical Curve feature produces different results when the same input is used.


To get the angle I need I put a quick little spreadsheet together to give me the height, number of turns and Pitch from a specific angle.


To get a 21° angle 184mm high I need a pitch of 282.19mm and the number of turns will be 0.652 on a circle of 234mm Dia.




Below are a number of screen shots showing the results from three different ways to produce the same thing in the Helical Curve command. First the one that produces the incorrect result "Constant Pitch" Note that the actual length of the curve is 205.23mm yet the dialog box says 184mm




Now lets produce the same thing using "Compound" Note that all the inputs are the same as for "Constant Pitch" yet the resulting curve is the correct height.




Finally "Variable Pitch" again the same inputs yet again the result is correct at 184mm.




Am I missing something or is there a genuine issue here?


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‎02-20-2017 01:02 AM

Re: Helical Curve Inacurate?

Hi Neil,

answer is: a genuine issue.


It is already logged to dev.



Re: Helical Curve Inacurate?

Thanks once again Ota. I trust that this error has not caused anyone undue issues with peoples design.