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Help me please... access to tutorials


I know there are a few other posts that are similar but they don't seem to apply to my case!...

I just downloaded Solid Edge 2D. I'm having trouble getting the tutorials to load.
I can get to the page where the 3 tutorials are listed, I can move the cursor over
the names and get the intro page for each popping up on the right. But when I click
on the tutorial, the Solid Edge Tuturial window (Internet Explorer) just states "Navigation to webpage cancelled. What to try: re-type the address". Unfortunately there is nowhere to type an address and I wouldn't know the address.

I have the following:
Internet explorer 7.0
Solid Edge 2D (whatever the current version is - just downloaded yesterday)

I've also never had Solid Works on my computer as I know this was an issue in an earlier post.

Sorry but I'm not that resourceful when it comes to computers and a little desperate here!

Thanks heaps for any info you can provide

Re: Help me please... access to tutorials

I had similar problems. Try the following.

Start Solid Edge and click on Open Existing File.
Navigate to Program Files\Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST\Training and open the training drawing you want. They are in the same order as the tutorials.
Close the file.
Try running the tutorial again.