Help understanding Design Intent/Live Rules

Hello, I'm a newbie running the 45-day trial and I'm trying to understand the interplay between the geometry, the design intent & live rules and user-defined relationships.


I made a short screencapture video: and am hoping someone will have a look and help explain the behavior.


So far I'm getting the impression of "powerful" and "things may seem simple but they aren't" Smiley Happy


Re: Help understanding Design Intent/Live Rules

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You seem to have a pretty good handle on things. Not sure what your question is since you discovered the rules needed to manipulate the model in several different ways.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Help understanding Design Intent/Live Rules

I guess the main question is about the Relax Persistent Relationships (N) functionality while making a modification, and why that midpoint relationship still worked under those conditions and other relationships did not.

Re: Help understanding Design Intent/Live Rules

Where is the "never add any relation" without my permission button?

Re: Help understanding Design Intent/Live Rules

@coroto I think your understanding is basically correct and what you are seeing must be a bug of some sort. Turning off Design Intent should result in it being OFF and only the face you have selected should move. I will have this logged. So don't let it mess up your conceptual model. 


PS> You have probably already figured this out, but "centered" is one of the few relationships you need to make persistent explicitly. Most everything else (coplanar, symmetric etc) is captured in the model automatically. 





Dan Staples
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Re: Help understanding Design Intent/Live Rules

@dcstaples -- I have no idea how you find the time to do this (participate actively in the user community forums) but having perused the forum areas for a while before deciding to try the 45-day trial of SE, I know your reply to my newbie question is not unusual here.


Kudos!  It is refreshing and helps me feel that there are real people behind this thing and that this stuff is important.  I wish responsible individuals in all MCAD tool provider companies were as involved as you are (sadly, this seems to be the exception).