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Help with a loft

Attached is a file that I am having a difficult time with a loft. I typically don't use the loft command but I though it was the right way to model what is attached.


There are a few sketches already in the file should should make it obvious exactly what I'm trying to do.


The big picture for a loft like this. How many sketches should I have? Does it all need to be a single 3D sketch? Should it be 2 2D sketches and a 3D for the spines/guides?


Re: Help with a loft

You're on ST9 so I'm not able to even look.

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Re: Help with a loft

For this part you can do it with just the two 2D sketches and you don't need the 3D sketch. While you're doing the loft, there is an option to map the vertices from one profile to another which will create the shape you're trying to achieve. Here's a video showing how to do it:


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The cross sections have to be planar, so a 2D sktch is he way to go for those.  Guide curves are optional and are typically only needed if the loft between sections must be different than what is provided by the options. In addition there is also Vertex Mapping that may be needed if the vertex count between cross sections is not the same.


In your case, you just needed the end 2D sketch as the face boundary could have been the starting cross section and no guide curves were needed.  Based on how you split the guide curves, yo might need vertex mapping.


To answer how many sketches are needed depends on a lot of factors... Your example only required 1 2D sketch.


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Re: Help with a loft

I'm on ST8 so I can't view either, but i can see the preview in windows explorer. image is touhg to see but I'm guesssing just 2 2d sketches is all that's needed, no guide curve. just a simple loft command, using the end condition you control the end types.


same sketches used here, just different end types.













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so many answers posted in the time i drew that up!  Lol

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Thank you all. bswisenberger's vid was helpful.


I'm so used to creating sketches first, it was not obvois to me to add guide curves that did not already exist in sketches.

Re: Help with a loft

@12GAGE I would always create the sketches first for loft and sweep - it makes modifications much more straight forward.

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