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Hello, I'm Felipe Lopes. I'm a mechanical engineering student at UFRN and I want to learn how to use the solid edge. I've installed the academic version available on the site but I had a problem with the workplace. I looked at some tutorials and I realized that the workplaces are different. I do not know how to explain the problem so I will send some pictures from my computer. I think the problem is or my computer or in configurations. Can someone help me please? Thanks for listening.




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Hi Felipe,




it might be a graphics card issue.

Maybe changing of graphics display options in SE options can help.

Try to change it to direct X or software driven.




What are Your computer specs?






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Hello Felipe,


Welcome to the Solid Edge family!

I agree with Wolfgang, it does look to be graphics display related.


While in an open part file, go to the Application Button > Solid Edge Options > View tab - Application Display [uncheck the "Automatic Selection" to allow the drop down menu]




Further, there is a dedicated forum location for Student Edition users, that way all the relevant information can be shared by those on the same edition of the software. [as commercial users cant open academic files....but they will chime in with their experience &/or assistance where possible]

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Nice! Thank you guys!!!