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Hemispherical Depression/Cutout


I'm trying to make three hemispherical depressions into the face of a block on which they lie (see drawing). I've sketched the 3mm circles where the depressions should go. The larger circle and lines are just for contruction.


Being new to Solid Edge (with minimal SolidWorks experience), I'm aware of the pattern feature, but haven't tried it as I'm not sure how to establish the axis of rotation. 


I've tried drawing spheres and using the subtract feature, but Solid Edge registers a sphere as part of the block from which I want to subtract.


I'm not sure how the 'solid sweep cutout' or the 'sweep cutout' features can be applied. I've tried them both, but am not sure if they should or can be used on solid (not hollow) objects (i.e. spheres).


I'll be actively replying to those of you who reach out and want to attempt figuring this out with me.


Thanks for any help!


Re: Hemispherical Depression/Cutout


@twalker, can't open your file because of different version. Assuming you are using Sync, this is one easy way. Draw circle and line through the middle. Grab one half, pick revolve command. Pick line. Pull with mouse or type in angle (180 or more). You're done. The tool automatically guesses whether to add or subtract, this can also be controlled in the little tool window or by hitting space when needed. Check video for clarification. You can of course add a construction body and do a boolean cut, but this method is much faster.




Re: Hemispherical Depression/Cutout


To pattern (in sync):


-choose feature in feature tree or by clicking.

-choose pattern command

-key in values (copies in each axis, spacing etc, depending on the shape of the pattern)


Video attached.




Betreff: Hemispherical Depression/Cutout

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @twalker




first, You should mention, that You are using an academic version of SE. Some of us are not able to open those parts!



So now let's go to Your questions:


  • You can switch between + and - for that sphere (see video)
  • and if You once have created one of those hemispheres,
    then simply do a circular pattern using the center of Your sketch


the 3 circles are not lying exact at the position of Your lines -  only for info

But You can position any of those 3 spheres as You need it and You also can change the pattern diameter


(view in My Videos)



Betreff: Hemispherical Depression/Cutout

Yes, that worked perfectly. I knew the solution was simple, but ten to complicate things when it comes to CAD... Thank you!

Re: Hemispherical Depression/Cutout

The reply from hawcad proved to be simpler, but i appreciate your efforts! I will be sure to upload compatible files in the future.

Thanks again!