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History Of The ComagonBearing

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor

To Answer All Of You... The Name Of ComagonBearing Came To Me While I Was Tinkering With Solid Edge. (I Do That A lot)
One Afternoon Studying These Drawings... I Came Up With An Idea That My Help Me Or Hinder Me... More Helping Than Not.
After Years Of Trying To Set These Documents (Drawings) To The Normal Crowd, Basically Pleasing Everyone.
So One Afternoon... I Raised My Hands, "I Give Up".
So, I Started To See What Mother Nature Has To Offer.
Remembering My Childhood In "FFA" Future Farmers Of America, 4H, Working On A Dairy Farm, U.S.A.F. Etc.
I've Always Admired Nature.
Always Seeing The Same Thing Over And Over, To Me "NOT"
I've Always Looked Outside The Box, Seeing Houses Everything Square.
I Got To Thinking: Mother Nature Is Not Closed Minded... To Say The Least.
Looking At The Axis With The Earth In Mind. I'm Finding Out There Are Some Quirks With The How Everything Is Made. Meaning Square TV's, Radios, Beds, ComputerScreens, Monitors, Paper Which I, You Are Writing On Or Texting, Drawing On A One Sided Of These Drawing.
"Explain Something To Me"! How Can Anyone In Their Right Or Left Mind... Build Something With A Circular Part Or For That Matter. Draw Anything On These Computer, Drafting, ETC. And Expect The Part To Work Outside. "Like" Building A Square Box In A Round Hole. Go Figure!
Getting Back To The CoMAGONBearing. Post(Smiley Happy With My Drawings The Spelling May Be The Same Or Miss[spelled, I Use These To Give Us As An Advantage. All Of Us Have A Misspelled Issue on An Oc[kcasion Spelling, Writing Language E[6tc. However, The Characters On This Keyboard Are The Same As Yours.
Each Character (Person, Place Or Thing), Has It's Own Color (R,G,B H,S,I Code) To Work With ComagonBeaRIng, Different Letters Different Color On All Of Our Drawings Post[:] These Parts Are All Ours(.)
Ours Meaning Past Loved Ones. I, We Use My Wife's Genealogy, Which She Is A Genealogist. And Other Med[eium (Miss[spelled Word) Is To Entice The Drawings.
I've Used Fallon Soldiers With Respect, Birthday, As A Color Code, Alt Codes As Well. To Me The Sky Is Not The Limit. Only Time Will Tell.
The Main Focal To All Of My Drawings Is The Five Leaf Clover.
The ComagonBearing Is To Assist The Point Of Origin X,Y,Z Axis.
The Only Way To Explain The Use Of This Is To Try Your Own Drawing. This Letter Is By No Means Bad Mouth Everyone Dra[ewing.
Post(.) These Drawings That We, I Have Build, Drawn Up Etc. May Not Be The Same As The Original. These Words, Thoughts Are Of My Way Of Thinking. "Your Thoughts Are Your Own". Not Mine! 

These Are The Images Of Different ComagonBearing. A Single Coordinate System Is Still A Single Coordinate System, No Harm No Fowl. Once There Is A Multitude Of Coordinate Systems Involved Then A COmagonBearing Assists.

Thank You

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