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Hole Table Precision


I have searching around the forum for a while and I have seen several other discussion most dating back to 2012-2014.  What I have is hole chart for a block with a bunch of different holes.  Some holes are allot more critical than others.  So I want some to be two place decimals, some three place, and critical items to be four place.  I know I can change the entire chart to each precision individually.  Have they come up with a way to have multiple precisions within the same chart.  Since it has been years since people were asking I am hoping they have come up with a solution I and I am just missing it.  Previous post I found was


‎06-14-2002 02:11 PM

I agree!
We should be able to set the precision by number of decimal places for size of hole,
counterbore, the depth of the hole, and whatever other column we show in the hole
chart independently.

"Tony Rose" wrote:
>OK folks,
>This has been one of my pet peeves since the introduction of this feature.
>When you are using the Hole Table functionality, you can only have one level
>of precision for the entire table. I do a large amount of die and fixturing
>work requiring multiple holes with multiple levels of precision. Typically
>I set dowel holes being 4 place +/-.0002", c'bore and tapped holes to 3
>place +/-.005", and many basic holes for clearance and lightening issues to
>2 place +/-.02". I would like to be able to control this on a hole size
>level instead of on a global scale. I have submitted an ER on this. Also
>being able to control that precision in the hole size when using callouts
>note the hole depth would be nice, but i suspect is a bit of a pipe dream.
>IR is 4345371
>Please help me get this one pushed thru so the guys down in Huntsville don't
>have to listen to me month in and month out complaining about the lack of
>this functionality. Smiley Wink

Re: Hole Table Precision

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I think you will get a new options with Solid Edge ST10, what enables to override Hole table cells...


Here is a short video:




Re: Hole Table Precision


Looks good, but all that would be totally unnecessary if the tolerance was described in the model hole feature and could be brought through into the draft.

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Re: Hole Table Precision


I am not even so much concerned about being able to change the tolerance although nice addition.  I would just like to make say holes 1-5 a four place dimension and holes 6-8 two place dimensions and holes 8-15 3 place dimensions.  Then all of the dimensions go back to a standard tolerance block.  I am guessing with the lack of reply there still isn't curretly any way to do it.