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Hole Table creation in Drawing in Solid Edge ST8

Is there any API method to CREATE a Hole table in drawing for sheetmetal view? (equivalent to "Hole Table" command under Part list menu in SE) I could see, only item, count and other read methods. If the answer is NO, then in there a way in Solid Edge to Record and replay macro kind of thing to run this "Hole Table" ootb functionality?

Re: Hole Table creation in Drawing in Solid Edge ST8

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

there is a new API added in ST10 called HoleTables2.  This new API provides the ability to create hole tables via the API in a similar fashion as compared to the UI.


Until you get ST10 installed, I am attaching some sample code that I wrote a while ago to accomplish creating a "hole table" in a spreadsheet.  This sample code gathers the hole information from a selected drawing view, adds the appropriate PMI annotations to drawing view geometry for the origin and holes, but as written creates a spreadsheet with the hole data for each hole found.   At this point you could modify the sample provided to either insert the created spreadsheet into the draft file or take the information gathered by the program and add it to a Table object.   If you have a problem getting the source code from the attached 7 zip file please let me know or if you have questions about the suggested modifications to place the "hole table" in the draft file by either inserting the xls that is currently created or putting this info into a table object