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I'm trying to create holes on face with locations being the points placed on that face. The MORE HOLES option is grayed out. How do I select bunch of points to create holes on center of these points. I can go and select individual point one by one but in our industry that is not an option. We are talking hundreds of randomly placed points done many time per day. Can not use patterns as points are projected from 3d faces and are all rendom.


in NX 11, I simply lunch HOLE tool and select all the points, DONE. Same goes for Inventor and ProE


Please help. Thank you


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can you show us a sample screen shot...

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Just points on the face. All I need is to be able to select them all and place holes in those locations. Every CAD system does that. Can't find it in SE.

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Sounds like a good enhancement request but

Pattern By Table may help with this custom template.



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Actually, instead of creating a bunch of points why don't you create a bunch of holes directly.

Isn't it the same amount of effort? I bet you have a reason don't you.


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These are vent holes for thermoformed molds. We have to find lowest spots on the face that will trap air and apply a hole there. Placing a hole simply does not work. I would have to tweak it, move it left-right 0.001 to get to the lowest spot. But manually placing points is easy then just projecting them on flat face.


I can't believe SE can not place more than one hole at a time. NX does that so is everyone else.


Oh well, that was quick 30 minute 45 day trial.