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Holes along a curve

Is there a good way to relate holes to an arc, circle or curve? SE won't let me connect the hole center to an arc sketch element.


I want to snap the hole to an arc, and then put a linear dimension to a reference plane, so that I can change the linear dimension and the hole will ride on the curve. I positioned it, finally, by making a sketch and moving the hole with the steering wheel to the new point on the sketch and then deleting the sketch but this is really a frustrating process.


Re: Holes along a curve

If you are placing Synchronous Holes, there is no way to do this associatively but you can locate th sketch to initially place it.  Using an Ordered Hole will allow you to associatively relate it to the sketch and have the sketch drive the location of the hole.


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Re: Holes along a curve

Here is how I would do it -- just create a "by two points" dimension from the center of the "arc" to the hole and lock it. Like this:

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Re: Holes along a curve

Thanks for the tip. Don't know why this method didn't occur to me. One develops a repertoire of tricks like this; this wasn't in mine. Now I just have to remember for next time...

Re: Holes along a curve

That was a cool trick.

Re: Holes along a curve

Actually this method fails for me now. The hole refuses to move if I change the dimension. I get a "Relationships in the model will not allow this modification."