Holey Moley

I have 6 new m6 holes I put in 112/113/114/115/116/117 per attached.


All have m6 specified hole and m6 thread. On 112 & 113 the drill diameter - which I do not generate - It generates when I chose m6 hole - and auto generates thread to m6 - the vales are not the same as others. When I verify the diameter it is in fact .194...but reads in the table .236...(which by the m6).


What in Sam Hill am I doing wrong?


Re: Holey Moley

I think you selected Nominal diameter (hole options) 6mm=0.236" instead of tap drill diameter 5mm=0.197" or internal minor diameter 4.917mm=0.1935".



Re: Holey Moley

112 & 113 were done identical to others in that respect. .194 was on the table long before I came in to edit it. So if I check the existing ones....they are done just like mine. Once again - if I query the diameter of the drill diameter it comes up .194. It just won't spit it out on the table.