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HotKey list?

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Is there a list of hotkeys somewhere? LIke everything that falls under the "Alt" catagory?

My first edit will be to re-map Alt-A to Alt-F like every other windows program. Alt-F-S=save Alt-F-O=open, Alt-F-A=save as. But without a complete list of hot keys, I'm not sure what I would be messing up that should be learned.


And really what I want to see is what's the hotkey combo for: Line, trim corner, flange, start and end sketch, etc.....


So for the Line command: Alt-H,LI,L

I would like to re-map that to Alt-L, but I'm not sure what else may have that slot. As a result, I desire to see all currtly mapped hot keys.


Just turning on the lettters within the menu system is not enough. This is not stright forward to learn the hot key combinations for specific actions. This method requires multiple steps to learn.


Re: HotKey list?


The steps are:


1. right click on ribbon bar

2. Select "Customize ribbon bar"

3. Select " Keyboard)

4. Selcet from Choose commands from: "All Keyboard Assignments"

5. Select print.


This will give you a list of the keyboard assignments on your printer.


By changing step 4. to "All commands"  and printing will give you a list of all available commands. note: it's quite long but very helpful as a scratch paper.


When you finish your assignments make a print of "all keyboard assignments" and keep it as a record.  It's very helpful as a reference.


I hope this helps.


Re: HotKey list?

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Thank you.


That is a great way to organized the editing I need to do, but does not give me a list of all currently assigned hot keys.


For example:

Save = Alt-A,SA,A

View tab = Alt-V

Are not on that list but they work. They can only be figured out by pressing the Alt button and seeing what options are on the menu. These are the combinations I would like to see a list of.


I'm looking for a complete list of hot keys. Not just the few common ones that are assigned.


Has any former AutoCAD user created a map of hot keys that simulates AutoCAD?