How can I animate this gear

I designed an internal spur gear without using the solidedge integrated gear application. When I set rotational motor to the pinion, rather then following the gear, it rotates on its own axis. I can not choose the gear so pinion can follow its path.spur gear 2.pngspur gear.jpg


Re: How can I animate this gear

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Hi there @Aeroeng,


I have never had a need to do this, but I would expect there needs to be TWO motors for the gear. One rotating the gear to match the contact, and another for the internal orbit.


You probably know this, BUT, "All motion must be controlled by time, as cannot be done by contact".

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Re: How can I animate this gear

These are fun and IMO Solid Edge does a good job with this sort of thing.  I didn't work up a pretty animation, I don't have the knack/patience for rendering to make it look good.  But this will get you the concept.


The key is to have the necessary third member, the carrier that holds the planet gear in its orbit. a couple axial aligns on that part, one to the ring gear and the other to the planet.  Then SE takes care of the rotation relation with the rotation command that you showed, between the ring and the planet, enter the number of teeth on each and I usually have to flip rotation and flip the tooth count between the two because I get it wrong the first time.