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How can it be done to move both the pattern and the Part

I made a mistake in the assemble. How can it be done to move the pattern and the parts at the same time

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Yes, you only need to redefine [or, relocate] the primary...

Yes, you only need to redefine [or, relocate] the primary part of the pattern within the assembly, then redefine the pattern sketch. [you may need to delete some of the existing constraints, in order to reposition it]



If you want to use a different part instead....right click on the part in the pathfinder, go to "More", choose "Replace Part"...then choose the file to replace with...relationships will need to be redefined, and the pattern should update to use this part also. [otherwise, right click on the "Pattern" in the pathfinder, and choose "Edit", then select the new target primary part.


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