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How copy and mirror a part


hi guys

i want to design something that has 2 shells that connect to create a body. the two shells are mirrored copies of each other (left and right)

i thought of creating it as one part, copying the file and then splitting the two into their respective halves but that wont do as there is too much work on the inside (if that makes sense)



Re: How copy and mirror a part

design 1 half in entirety.

then open a new virgin part file, do an insert part copy of teh master part and you can mirror within the insert part copy settings.

this will keep the mirror associative to the masteer when ever changes happen to the master.


or you could use multibody approach and design 1 part, split it then publish the muiltibody part to an assembly.


both valid and associative methods.


Re: How copy and mirror a part

Agreed, that is the solution
Daniël Schuiling
Solid Edge ST7
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