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How do I re-associate a draft document


In the course of cleaning up our files and the organization of our Solid Edge files we have ran into an issue. Moving the location of our models has caused our draft files to no longer be associated with the model. How do I re-associate the two files back together now that they are in their new locations?


As you found out, Solid Edge utilizes a compound document...

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

As you found out, Solid Edge utilizes a compound document structure.  The proper way to move files is to use Revision Manager which is part of the View & Markup utility.  Essentially the process is to open the file to be moved in Revision Manager, set it to Rename action, set the new path, then perform Where Used on it, set all the found documents to Update Action, and then perform the actions.


Once it has been broken, there are a couple ways to fix it...


Preferably, use Revision Manager to do this by opening the document that contains a broken link.  The broken link will show as red.  Perform a Replace action which will present you with a Open dialog.  Find the file and OK.  Perform the actions to complete.


Another method is to modify the Linkmgmt.txt file to include paths to search for missing files.  While this works, it is not intended to replace proper file management processes as it take time to open files with broken links using this method.

Production: SE 2019 MP8, Testing: SE 2020