How does one re-order?

I have an ordered part that I want to re-order it's features. Is there a way to move a feature further down that parts feature tree? The work around is re-create the work at the top of the tree at the bottom.


Re: How does one re-order?

You can select and drag ordered features to re-order them. However, dependencies between features will keep you from moving some features. For example, you can't move a cut before the sketch that defines the cut.


Re: How does one re-order?

Drag and drop (typically).  Hold your left mouse button on the feature you want to move down the tree.  As you approach other features, you should see a blue arrow indicating where you can re-order the feature.  Let go of the left mouse button at the point of re-order.



Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

Re: How does one re-order?

I think I found my problems with re-ordering. The sketch I'm trying to move has referances to a line that goes away (a sheet metal edge that has a flange added later) if the sketch is moved. That prevents the sketch from moving at all. This is a result of my workflow. This has always been my case and why I could never move (re-order) any sketches.