How is "Solid Edge Q&A" different than "Discussion Forum"?


How is "Solid Edge Q&A" different than "Discussion Forum"?  Beside regular user help I'll also need API/SDK (programming) help, is there a forum specific to this?


Re: How is "Solid Edge Q&A" different than "Discussion Forum"?

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Good question. I can imagine a lot of overlap...

As far as API help, probably best to ask about it here for the time being if you can access:


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Hello cadfish1,   Welcome to the Solid Edge Community....

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Hello cadfish1,


Welcome to the Solid Edge Community.


The Q&A is when users want a question answered without discussion. Some users do not desire lengthy conversation and simple want their question answered. This is also designed to be time sensitive as we monitor how quickly your questions are answered.


The Discussion forum area is where you would have conversations with one or many people back and forth. This is where the discussion can get 4-5 pages deep on a single topic.


As for your programming request, I have been speaking with Jason Newell who manages a Solid Edge Programming Forum. We are looking at how we establish a section about API/SDK on this community. Stay tuned as we should know more soon! As Grundey suggested, you can check out the GTAC Forum if you have access (Maintenance paying customer access only) or you can post your API/SDK questions here. Jason Newell will respond.


Let me know if I can be of further assistance



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