How to Find the Raw Material size?

After completing the design of any product , is there any option available in solid edge to get it's raw material size.

For Example we designed a shaft of 50 mm dia & 100 mm length, if stock removal value 5 mm then required raw material will be of 55 mm dia & 105 mm length.

is it possible in solid edge to get this value by feeding the stock removal value.

Please provide your answers


Betreff: How to Find the Raw Material size?


this - for a long time - can be done using my macro "Hauptmaße" (Main Dimensions) which is free for download and use from my homepage or - since the file size is such small - is  put here as attachment too.


Nearly everything can be defined within the INI file, number of properties (variables), name of them, delimiter for every prop, and an offset (stock removal) for each of the raw dimesnions as well.

If defined in the variable table, they are added to the main dimension and saved as a property.


Explanations are in the INI file as well in German as also in English.


If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask me:


By the way:  part of the Main Dimension macro is my SheetLaser macro, that means, for PSM parts, the flatten sheet pattern information is evaluated too and saved in properties too.




Re: How to Find the Raw Material size?



@hawcad 's macro is perfect for you. Thanks for it. Solid Edge provides "Enclosure" command on part level what can be useful for adding raw material.


Here is a video:




Betreff: How to Find the Raw Material size?

Thank you Mr.Wolfgang for writing reply on my post. 

unfortunately im not able to use the macro provided 

i request you to help me with the steps how to use the macro and get the required out put with an expamle.

either through video / text, which will be verymuch helpful for me.