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How to Make a Quick and Dirty Manual

Why on earth Siemens do not provide a standard user manual is a mystery but the admins tell us we can't post one here so here is how to make your own quick and dirty manual. Its not perfect but its better than the stupid help system.

1: find, get it, unzip it.
2: locate the chm files for SE2D (C:/P..F../SE2d/Program/) and search for the *.chm files
3: run chmdecoder to recreate a HTML structure/files
4: at this point you need to fix a few broken links and remove the javascript menu tree from the base file ___left.htm. I just replaced the guts to make it a standard html linked menu.

Knowing how to use Open Office and reg expressions will help. Here is one to replace the javascript menu item links with standard HTML links:

reg ex search d.add\(.*\"(.*)\",\"(.*)\"\);
reg expression replace $1

5: test the html (there are a few missing files ie "view1fa.htm" etc)

6: use acrobat X (can download a trial copy which works fine) and create a PDF from the whole web site ("get whole site/stay on path/ etc). You can put bookmarks in and rearrange these (and the internal pages!!!) into a more logical order as you go if you wish or just use the front menu.

7: you now have a searchable (and printable!!!) ~1000 page PDF.

8: repeat for the other help/tutorial files.



For those interested I tested the DraftSight package which sort of competes with SE2D and although its very easy to use to use and comes with an excellent manual (hint hint Siemens!!) it crashed a few times and basic stuff like TanTanRad and TanTanTan circles don't work so it's not really there yet. Its not as sophisticated as SE2D but if they can get a few bugs fixed it is so easy to learn to use especially with several really good tutorials in an easy to read and ready to print MANUAL that some may prefer it :-)

Re: How to Make a Quick and Dirty Manual

Thanks, I'll give this a try again and see if I can make something that can be printed.

Re: How to Make a Quick and Dirty Manual

Just a small addition, you can download Xenu Link Sleuth and it will find a few missing links (loks like the CHM decoder has got some bugs) BUT it will also generate a much better menu as part of the report!!
1: Just cut and pastes the Xenu generated menu as the new base menu
2: Add links to the orphaned files (rec/cir patterns etc) in a logical place
3: re run Xenu link until no orphans
4: generate new PDF!!
Is it worth the effort ........dunno yet!