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How to add drafts to pcf files




I'm trying to add all of the draft files of a certain assembly to a PCF file.


My goal is that shop floor users could open a PCF file of the main assembly and have access to all of the draft documents.


For some reason the dft files I add to the PCF files disappear from the package list tree.


Here are the steps I'm performing:


1. open the main assembly in view and markup

2. save as PCF in a managed document library (we are using SharePoint insight)

3. Opening revision manager and performing a where used to find all draft files.

4. Right click drafts and choose add to package collaboration file

5. Close revision manager.

6. Save package collaboration file.


Any advice?





Re: How to add drafts to pcf files

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the alternative is to send out a PDF with all Drafts from all 3D-Models in a Assembly.

With the PDF you don't have the need to install any viewer!


This Video about "ProjectPlot" shows how it works


Kind regards