How to change orientation view?

I have imported a Parasolid file(solidworks). Standard view is worng. I want change model view to Solid Edge Standard view. How can I fix this?


Betreff: How to change orientation view?

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Hi @Famer



You can not change the view orientation of the cod, You must change the model orientation of the imported geometry.


If it is a part, simply select the geometry (box) and use the steering wheel to rotate and/or move it appropriate.


If it is an ASM You also can use the steering wheel, or You change the Properties fo Occurence, changing the x,y,z angle for it.





Re: How to change orientation view?

Hi there @Famer,


As Wolfgang [@hawcad] says, if you're in Synchronous mode, use the steering wheel to rotate the entire model.....alternately, you could open a new PAR or ASM file [depending on the file contents] then place a coodinate system, where the appropriate axis is rotated for real world Z=UP, and then use the "Insert Part Copy", or "Insert Assembly Copy" and in the parameters, set it to use the CSYS defined......



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