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How to change the background colour for 3D PDF files


Hello Community,


The background colour of all new SE files were changed to a tan colour, accidently. Using another post I managed to change the background colour of the template .par, .asm et cetera file types in the C drive. However when I save a file in a format that is not located in the template drive e.g. 3D PDF, the same background tan colour is present. How can I fix this?


Any help would be appreciated. 


Thanks in advance. 


Re: How to change the background colour for 3D PDF files


Depends on what version you are but this is the way.



- Open assembly (any will do).

- Solid Edge options.

- Colors

- Background / View overrides


I have it on Gradient but that doesn't work in PDF's.

- Select Solid > Pick a color > Press ok.

- Open Background / View overrides again.

- Select Gradient or Image again and press ok.


Now you have a standard background and you part background will overrule this. But for 3D PDF the selected background is used.


Pre and on ST6 it was way easyer, there you could just select background in the Colors environment.


Goodluck and let me know you figured it out (Or not) Man Happy.




The Netherlands