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How to create BOM (Bill of materials)/parts lists?


I see some references in the documentation to creating a parts list table but cannot
find this in the program itself so I guess it is not there..?
How is the best way to generate a simple BOM then? Or just a simple extract of all
the different blocks used and the number of times they're used. Or are there any
free third-party tools that might do this?

Re: How to create BOM (Bill of materials)/parts lists?

The references you see in Help to generating a Parts List is for the full
version of Solid Edge. Help is shared by the two products. We include the
full Solid Edge content as a learning tool for those that are evaluating 2D
Drafting with the intent of moving on to 3D. Parts lists are built from
assemblies created in 3D. You can however create a simple table and input
the information into the table manually.
Rick B.