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How to create a complex shape, polygon


I am using SE2D to front end Mentor Graphics Expedition (PCB design) for creating
board outlines and mechanical verification and have used Micorstation in the past.
One feature that I have not found in SE2D is the ability to draw a complex shape
(line strings, arc's, etc) and then create a complex shape or closed polygon. I
have forgot the exact Microstation command but to use it an item was selected and
with aditional clicks the command would "walk" around the shape and join the strings
into a complex shape. Is it possible and if so, how? I have tried the block and
group commands without luck, unless I'm using them incorrectly. I have not found
a similar command in SE2D.

Re: How to create a complex shape, polygon

Try the Rigid Set command. It allows you to select a set of geometry and
constrain the shape of the geometry relative to the set. This is a
constraint that is put on all the geometry within the set. You can then
drive the location of the set with dimensions and constraints to geometry
outside of the set. To release the set, delete the Rigid Set constraint. You
can also Add and Remove objects to/from the set after it is defined.
The command is on the Sketching Tab in the Relate command group.
Rick B.