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How to create a revised title block and border as a working sheet or workbook

Trying to create a set of sheets with a specific title block and border is
very confusing. My concept from old is to start with a plain piece of
paper, draw a border, and add a title block, revision block, etc. Most
companies will preprint these forms on different size drawing paper so that
the draftwman/engineer only needs to haul out a blank preprinted form and go
to work. My effort using blocks ends up with a block when I go to the
workbook environment. There is nothing logical on startup here. I need a
clear tutorial on how to set up the drawing sheet parameters.
Charles Forsberg


Re: How to create a revised title block and border as a working sheet or workbook

How to use sheet borders is dependent on your workflow.
You may notice that you cannot select the geometry that is displayed for the
border. This is by design. The geometry for the sheet border resides on a
background sheet. You can create as many background sheets as you need. Each
one can have different geometry such as different title blocks. A working
sheet (Sheet1) has properties where you specify which border to display.
Right Mouse Click on the Sheet1 tab at the bottom of the application window.
Click on the Background tab in the Sheet Setup dialog. The background sheet
combo box allows you to select which background to display for the sheet you
are working on.
To create a new background sheet. Click on the 'View' menu item at the top
of the application window. Then click on 'Background Sheets' in the
dropdown. This will enable all the background sheets in the current file.
You will notice now that there are more sheets displayed at the bottom of
the application window. These are the backgrounds that are available in the
combo box I mentioned before. You can create new geometry or modify existing
geometry on these backgrounds. You can create new backgrounds also. Right
mouse button click on one of the background sheets and click on Insert. A
new background sheet will be created. You can copy geometry from one of the
existing background sheets and then paste onto the new background sheet. You
can rename the background sheet. Once you have created all the background
sheets you need, turn off the background sheets by clicking in
'View-Background Sheets' again. Save the draft file to the 'C:\Program
Files\Solid Edge 2D Drafting V19\Template\More' folder. Give it a unique
filename. Now when you create a new Draft file, use your template to create
the new Draft file. The new Draft file will have your background sheets in
Rick B.