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How to create own environment in Keyshot?




we use a lot of renderings in our company for marketing purposes. With Keyshot you can get very realistic renderings with minimum effort. However, I haven't found a way to render super sharp shadows in objects. The best I could do was to use hdri_locations_urban_4K environment that has pretty sharp light source. It gives you the following result:




I figured that to get a sharp shadow like the one in this earlier rendering that has been rendered in SE ST1, you have to use a pin-sized, very bright light source.




Is it possible to create your own environments in Keyshot? If not, do you come up with any other ideas on how to get super sharp shadows? For printed cataloques it would be better. We have Keyshot 5 embedded in Solid Edge.


Re: How to create own environment in Keyshot?

Good point, I would like to know this too.

Daniël Schuiling

Re: How to create own environment in Keyshot?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

You cannot create environnement with the solidedge keyshot version. You could buy the real version.Or you can add a sphere with a point light material if you want sharp shadows. 

Re: How to create own environment in Keyshot?


Or you can download HDRI images from the web and use those. But if you're looking to get hyper sharp shadows, you don't want to use a realistic lighting setup, you'll have to use something artificial for the light source anyway.

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