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How to create "controlled" breaklines in ST9


Since ST9 we have the ability to snap to key points , but it would be better if we could control these snaps with dimension lines..  
up until now this is not possible, but I have a workaround.

Create your own snap points, draw a line (in a view on a line) and control this line with a dimension that’s placed on the auto-hide layer.


See attached video.

(view in My Videos)

Kind Regards,


Jan Bos

Manager R&D/Engineering

Geha, The Netherlands



Re: How to create "controlled" breaklines in ST9

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Nice. I suppose you could use points instead of lines in cases where lines would be intrusive in the view.

Bruce Shand
ST10 MP5 - Insight - Win10 - K4200