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How to customize ribbons with commands?

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Hello Experts,


Just after ST6 installation in the new laptop the upper ribbons with commands are grouped on tabs. Please see attachment 1 in black rectangle.

"Increase buttons on command ribbon 2X" is turned off.


I would like expand these ribbons more detailed - please see attach. 2. Where should I set it?


It runs on win 7 1920x1080 res.


Thanks a lot!



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: How to customize ribbons with commands?

It all depend by how wide your Solid Edge Windows is.
In picture 2 it is clear that is full 1920 wide, in picture 1 it look like a 1600 wide and there isn't enought space for all the buttons.

Easy way: increase the size of Solid Edge Window or better maximize it.

Another way: customize the ribbon and remove (or rename shorter) text from buttons that you don't often use (for example "Editor Struktury component" take a lot of space for no reason)

Re: How to customize ribbons with commands?

You can also impact your button icon configuration and layout by changing the icon size and icon text display settings:


1. On the tool bars right-click --> 'Customize the Ribbon...'.


2. In the Customize dialog, in the right-hand pane right-click --> 'Button Options...'


3. In the Button Options dialog you can control the following:


'Size' --> 'Use only small buttons', ‘Use only large buttons’, or ‘Use only small buttons’


‘Text’ --> ‘Use text and no text buttons’, ‘Use text on all buttons’, or ‘ ‘Do not use any text on buttons’


4. Select 'OK'.


5. Select 'Close'.


6. When prompted, save your changes to a new Theme.

Re: How to customize ribbons with commands?

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Dear Dave,


We did not know that, thank you! Everyone has forgotten mouse right button exists in SE options Smiley Wink