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How to extrude only one side?

There is another thread with exactly the same question, but the vid answer is not available.


Here was the question from another thread:


I use Extrude command to make object on the surface of another object, and after I draw the profile on the surface and accept, they request to choose "non-symetric extent" or "symetric extent", and "through all", "through next", "from/to extent" or "finite extent".

But after I choose one side and enter the dimension, they ask me to enter the dimension of opposite side. But I don't need the opposite side.

So how can I choose only one side to make prominent object?



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: How to extrude only one side?

I can only assume that you are using Ordered modelling. In which case it would appear that you have at some time previously set the command bar to Extrude - Non symetric extent. As these commands are modal it will remain set what ever way you last used it.

In this case the the Non-symetric extent is highlighted.

To 'fix" this issue simply click on the highlighted icon and it will return to the simple extent mode.