How to get Solid works UI in solid Edge

Can anyone tell me ,can we get Solid works UI in solid Edge.


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Re: How to get Solid works UI in solid Edge

Can you be more specific as to what you would like @adccin4 as you obviously won't be able to replace the Solid Edge UI with the Solid Works UI, but there are various 'themes' and ways to customise the interface that may be of interest to you.


Note: if you right-click on the top edge of the ribbon bar (where the text Home, Tools etc. is) you can get access to the themes and customisation options.

Re: How to get Solid works UI in solid Edge

Yeah Alex..I don't mean to replace the UI of SW with SE.

Also as u say, there are themes available.

Which theme or what ways are there to make a SW user comfortable look and feel to work in Solid Edge.


Rahul S

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I've personally never heard of a theme adapted specifically for SW users. I think, if you know SW, you shouldn't have a very steep learning curve at all. I found the best way is through the SE tutorials. Find them in help. Maybe starting here:

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Re: How to get Solid works UI in solid Edge

I was a pretty hardcore Works user 3 years ago. The default interface theme for Solid Edge is geared toward people who know what all the symbols mean. There are a couple of things you can do to make it more "worksy".


You could use the "maximum assistance" theme. That makes the command bar vertical and adds descriptive text to the icons, but it also enables tool tips and other things.


If that setting is just too much, you can go to the Solid Edge Options > Helpers > Command User Interface  and set Use Vertical Docking Window Form. This gives you the vertical command bar with text. Almost everything I write is done with this interface because it does at least have descriptive text next to the "Property Manager" icons (in Edge we call the "Property Manager" the Command Bar, and the "Feature Manager" is the PathFinder.)


Another thing you'll want to make sure you have is the Prompt Bar. The one really big difference between Works and Edge interface is the workflow - order of operations. The Prompt Bar will help you with what is expected next. Remember that in most situations, Edge wants you to push a toolbar button first before selecting something on the screen. (action - object).


And of course you need to not expect Edge to work like Works. Especially when you get into Synchronous Technology, you'll find that Edge does stuff Works doesn't even dream of doing. You'll find the community here is a good source of info. I'm usually keeping an eye out, and this is one of the topics where I've probably got a fair bit to contribute.


Best of luck!

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So, are you asking to have the SW 2016 SP3 user interface! Isshh...nothing like having mixed color and blue/gray based icons! Man Surprised


I even had a manager walk by and ask "What happened to the software I was using? It's ugly." 

Re: How to get Solid works UI in solid Edge

Or you can do like I done and right click on one of the icons in the toolbar, click on "customize the ribbon".  I then created my own theme and deleted never used icons and renamed icons, and basically created a ribbon that was geared towards me

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