How to get rid of extra .030" around part?

Ok this is a model of a part that has been coated with .030" of plastisol. I would like to remove it. I am pretty sure I would use surfacing, but I am unsure how I would off-set the .030" around the edges inside? I would start by copying the surfaces, offset them to be flush with each other, offset the perimeter inside( not sure how to do), then thicken the part. Can anyone help? I am also having a problem getting the surfaces flush so i can thicken them.




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Re: How to get rid of extra .030" around part?

Only gray area will be reduced .030 on all sides.

Re: How to get rid of extra .030" around part?

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One idea is:


1) Make one offset (0.030) of all the contour of gray area

2) Make 2 offsets (0.030) for top and bottom of gray area (separatedly)

3) Make 2 offsets (0 distance) of the uncovered areas ('front' and 'rear')

4) Extend (linearly natural) the borders of the uncovered offset surfaces (inside direction), to be able to clearly intersect themselves (maybe by distance of 0.100 is ok)

5) Trim / Intersect all them to have a unique shell and Stitch it

6) Do a subtraction between Bodies and the result will be your part without the plastisol layer


PS: Choose the 'chain' option during the Offset, then you save lots of clicks, for the areas with tangent contact faces.

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Re: How to get rid of extra .030" around part?



Your model contains a sheetbody what you can use to build a new model very fast without coating.


Here is a video: