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How to implement 'Connect' functionality on a drawing

PLM World Member Pioneer PLM World Member Pioneer
PLM World Member Pioneer

Hello All,


I need to add relationships to a drawing.


I am able to add parallel and perpendicular and other functions.

But for 'Connect' I found the method 'AddKeyPoint' will do the 'Connect' functionality.


See the attached screenshot. Through 'AddKeyPoint' method I am able to connect as shown in screenshot in the right side.

But my requirement is as shown on left side of the screenshot.


Which method should I use please help.


Thank you


Hi there, First of all, this post would be better place...

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


Two different types of connection conditions going on there, "end point" & "point on", both are correct for the where they are.

Are your relationships not being placed automatically? [as there is a setting for this also]

Sean Cresswell
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