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How to print a full size doc


Hi guys, 


I try to print out a selection of plan by Excel. But as you know, plans have two orientations.. And I don't know how to get it back to print out correctly.. So when i have a Landscape plan, it is printed out in portrait ... 


I join my program, if you have an idea it should be perfect ! 


With ListBox1

For I = 0 To .ListCount - 1

If .Selected(I) = True Then

'ouverture du document

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
fichier = ListBox1.List(I) & ".dft"
Set objDoc = objDocs.Open(ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & fichier)
objApp.DisplayAlerts = False

'impression papier

IntNumCopies = 1
Orientation = vbPRPQDraft
PaperSize = vbPRPSLetter
Call objDoc.PrintOut(NumCopies:=IntNumCopies, PaperSize:=PaperSize)
Call objDoc.Close

End If

Next I


End With


Thank you for you answers Smiley Happy 


Re: How to print a full size doc

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Hi @mc-laren


It appears you have assigned a paper quality constant vbPRPQDraft to the Orientation property. 

Please check that. Try using vbPRORLandscape or vbPRORPortrait


I'd suggest posting this to the Solid Edge Developer Forum for a faster and larger response.

Also mention your Solid Edge version when posting.


Little humor till then...




Robot Happy



Re: How to print a full size doc


Hi @Tushar,


Yes sorry, i have solidedge ST6, 


I can't assign an orientation property because when i print out a document. I don't know in which orientation it will be...