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How to save all part of an assembly at once?

Hello all,


I just finished my first assembly and i would like to know if it is  possible to save all the part of an assembly at once in the same folder? 


Also, i have some of these part that i will send for laser cutting. I have some # that i need to engraave on them.  The laser guy told me that i have to write the stuff i wanted to be engrave i green in the .dxf file. Could you guy's tell me how to do it?


Re: How to save all part of an assembly at once?

Hi there,


Not sure I follow what your trying to do with assembly save. [is your assembly not in the same folder as the parts?]


As to the etching [we do quite a bit of this]....the easiest way I know of to do this, is, create a sketch on the face the etching is to be on, then use the etch command [found under the Dimple command] selecting the sketch elements you need....Done! Then when you use the "Save As Flat" command, the resulting DXF file will have an Etching layer for those entities.

Be sure to check the "Options" as you do the save, because you'll likely need to change the "Export Etch text as geometry"....if you have any text that is.

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Re: How to save all part of an assembly at once?

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Tank you for your answer, 

Some part of my assembly are in the same folder, some don't, some part are in the folder that don't belong to this assembly. So i'm looking for a way to save it all at the same place.

  Is there a way to do this or i have to copy each part manually?.


It looks like the etch command work only when part have been originally draw in sheet metal.

switching to shhet metal and trying to apply an etch don't work, i can't select the sketch to etch.

Is there a way to fix it??


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Re: How to save all part of an assembly at once?

Go to your Solid Edge Start menu and start View & Markup.  Use the arrow on the Open button and choose Revision Manager and open your Assembly.  All the components will be listed in a tree view.  Select them all and choose Copy action to copy them elsewhere and then use Set Path to put them in a single folder, OR if you want to move them choose the Rename action on the ones you want to move and Set Path.  When it is how you want it, Perform Actions to make the changes.


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